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Monday, July 2, 2018

How you got these emoji’s all wrong

Our world seems incomplete without these little smileys. How else would you say it? But you have ever paused to think that you may have been getting it all wrong? As Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory puts it:”Let’s begin with the premise that everything you’ve known up to this point is wrong.” This post is about how you got these emoji are all wrong while texting and messaging in WhatsApp and Facebook and other messaging sites.. 

Here are the real emotions behind some of the most frequently used emotions. Prepare to have your mind blows.
Information Desk Emoji
A girl with too much sass? Hardly. She’s at the information desk. The outstretched hand is a “how may I help you?” gesture.
High Five Emoji
We know how many times this emoji has graced your status waiting for a miracle. It’s not a praying hand. It is, in fact, a high-five.
Ice Cream Emoji
It was popularly known as the poop emoji. Until recently, it occurred to an LA-based writer that it looks similar to another smiley. The information we are about to drop here may be saddening. It’s the ice-cream smiley.
Dizzy Emoji
No, it doesn’t denote a shooting star. Doesn’t say you are a star either. Seeing stars after being hit on the head isn’t just for cartoon characters. This emotion actually signifies dizziness. Got it?
Bowing Down Emoji
This doesn’t denote a man in deep thoughts. Neither does it denotes a man banging the desk trying to make a point. It actually means bowing down to express respect or an apology in Japanese culture.
Playboy Bunnies Emoji
Looks like two best friends having a good time? But huge Hefner begs to differ. This is actually the Japanese version of Playboy Bunnies!. We know, right?
Triumph Emoji
According to Emojipedia, this smiley with steam blowing from nostrils signifies triumph. In what world, we don’t Know.
Grimacing Face Emoji
Nothing amazing going on in this smiley’s life that he’d give an all-out smile for. Instead, he’s in pain. The grimacing face denotes pain.who would have thought!
Smiley With Sunglasses
You sent it to friends thinking you are such a stud. It’s just a smiley wearing a pair of shades. Get over yourself, dudes

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