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Monday, July 2, 2018

How to Record Windows 10 Screen From Xbox

Windows 10 has amazing feature of screen recording pre-installed in it such that now you don’t have to install third party app for recording your games and videos. It is possible from Xbox app in windows 10 which allows you to Record Windows 10 Screen From Xbox app directly.

How to Record Windows 10 Screen From Xbox

The amazing feature is, inside the Xbox app called Game DVR Game DVR feature can be used to record video games and other motions in Windows 10.

And also, it does not only record video games but also other applications like web browser, file explorer and also MS-Office apps. So from that, you can record your work and tutorials directly from the window 10.
The steps required you to activate the game DVR are given following.

How To Record Windows 10 Screen From Xbox App?

  • Go to the Start Menu. Open “All Apps” and click on Xbox.

  • You Xbox app will set up automatically.

  • Open Game Bar inside any app or program by hitting win key + G
  • Confirm the pop-up message that you want to open the game bar even if that’s not a game.
  • In the Game Bar, hit the red button to start recording the screen. It only records an app window. As mentioned earlier, it would not be able to record the entire screen.
How To Record Windows 10 Screen Using XBox App
  • Once done, stop the recording by hitting the same win key + G or the red button.
  • You can open the recorded video by opening the folder in which the file was recorded.
Open the recorded video in Windows 10 by Xbox
As mentioned earlier, GamdeDVR in the Xbox app is pretty limited in the feature in recording a video. However, this app can be tweaked to accommodate more feature in its settings. Use the below image to understand the other features.
Xbox Settings Windows 10
Some of the features that can be enabled are:
  • Record the game in the background
  • Record on different kinds of display
  • Setting up the max recording duration
  • Showing the recorded time on display
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