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Monday, July 2, 2018

Best Cortana Commands and Features

Microsoft‘s Windows 10 Cortana is a personal and private assistance service which helps in finding solutions and managing different features of the Windows 10. It basically launched with Windows 10 so that users get Siri-like a personal assistant to their  PC and windows phone. So seeing the importance of Cortana we have brought here the list of Best Cortana Commands and Features which helps you to increase your experience while using Cortana in Windows 10.
It is based on machine learning which uses your personal experience and utilizes your personal data to learn more. If more the Cortana’s help you use the more it customizes the experience that you will get from it.

It also manages many Windows 10 features like managing your calendar, financial reports, daily weather report, facts, traffic to work and even telling jokes.
To start using Cortana and explore it’s Best Cortana Commands and Features you need to
  1. Search your question in the search bar which is in the taskbar
  2. or tap the microphone icon and ask it.

Best Cortana Commands and Features

Here is the list of best  Cortana Commands and Features which will help you increase your Cortana experience.
  1. Cortana Language
We know that Microsoft basically delivers the many languages in their updates as downloading so that you can enjoy personalized and local language in your operating system. So you can also personalize your Cortana experience with your local language which you can do by:
Ask Cortana: How can I change your language Cortana?
2. Reminder Feature
Cortana can remind you about an event, call or person such that all you have to do is to set a reminder in the Cortana and it will remind you about the event.
Ask Cortana: Show all reminders
3. News
Cortana also shows you the news according to your searches and interest and also it is based on the Bing news feature such that it takes News from the Bing News and show it to you.
Ask Cortana: Show me news on latest Technology.
4. Weather
If you get the long day out or have to leave the house due to some work or planning holidays it is just to check weather forecast so that you can’t get stuck at some place. The Cortana will help you in this you can ask Cortana about the present day weather and it will show you result from bing Weather.
Ask Cortana: What’s the weather like in New York?
5. Currency Conversion
To know the conversion of your Money in different currencies you can use Cortana to find out the amount in another currency.
Ask Cortana: What’s the exchange rate for Euro to Dollar
6. Eat and Drink
If you are planning your Dinner with your family in some restaurant but you do not have an idea about where you can find your favorite cuisine, then again Cortana can help you in finding the nearby restaurants of your favorite cuisine.
Ask Cortana: Show me Chicken Biriyani restaurants nearby.
7. Get Directions.
If you are going in somewhere and if you are in the new city don’t know directions then Cortana will help you in finding the place also it will help you in getting different options like below
    • Traffic, time and route information
    • Getting around preferences
    • taxi timings
    • Traffic updates of a favorite place
8. Search the Web using Cortana
Just like Google Voice Search, you can use Cortana in Edge Browser for voice searching like you can
Ask Cortana: What is more famous Twitter or Facebook?
9. Movie And TV
Planning to go out with friends for a movie, and want to know Showtimes then the Cortana will again help you by giving you details of showtime of Movies in nearby theatres. Just
Ask Cortana: What’s the timings available for Starwars: The Forces Awakens tonight?
Apart from these services, there are a lot of other services that Cortana has to offer in Windows 10. Some of the best Cortana features are:
  • Events (Events like DJ night or live Karaoke nearby)
  • Finance (Stock exchange trend)
  • Health and fitness
  • Sports
  • Packages (Keeping an eye over shipment deliveries)
  • Reservations
  • Special days (Birthday, engagement etc. reminders)
  • Travel etc.
To explore all these features you can go to pen Cortana from the taskbar and click on Notebook just below the same icon, you can see the ‘tips and tricks’ icon where you can explore more features.
If you know other which we might have to forget here to mention comment them below so that we can add them to the list.

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