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Monday, July 2, 2018

Best Android Hacks You Didn’t Know

Best Android Hacks: One of the marvels of today’s technology is the advent of smartphones.  They made our lives convenient, inventive and progressive.  This article will guide you on the benefits of your smartphones as well as unravel its unknown features.   Functionalities reserved for your smartphones that are capable of handling social networking, music, and security will be presented to you. Also included are the hacks for smartphone users’ wide array of features for the phone, camera, spreadsheets, maps, music and almost everything under the sun.

To sum it all off, you will be guided on how to get the most of owning a smartphone device and walk you through the Android Market where you can choose from a vast array of free games and applications.
Below are the tips and tricks on how you can have the best features of your smartphones and Best Android Hacks:
1. Check the permissions.  Make it a habit of reading the apps permission before you even click the accept button as most of them requires access to your contacts.
2. Protect Battery Life. Be wary of your battery usage as it is easily drained every time you use an app or a game.  For tips about battery performance enhancement, you may check out the app JuiceDefender. It will show you the tasks and make the most out of your battery charging.
3. A Smarter Keyboard. This may be unheard of for most of the Android user but you can enhance the keyboard experience of your smartphone thru an app available for free in the app store. This is called Smart Keyboard Pro.  This will give you the same performance with that of iPhone’s keyboard.
4. Check the Speed.  To test your smart phone’s data speed, you can always rely on the app called  This will provide you an accurate data of your phone’s internet connection speed.
5. Batteries and Wi-Fi.  Contrary to the popular notion that your Wi-Fi connectivity will drain your battery, the truth is it will actually lengthen its usage. Try to set your Wi-Fi router to on or enabled and see it for yourself.

Tips for travelers in Best Android Hacks

1. Power.  One of the travelers’ outmost concerns is the power and where they will get it in case they run out of it.  Some of the options are just at the tip of your nose like the car charger, solar power, emergency battery and power banks.
2. Mobile costs.  It is always advisable to check out the best SIM promo if you will go out of the country. Always check data charges before going on a trip.  
3. Protection.  One of the first things that you should consider upon acquiring your phone is how to protect it physically.  Encasing it is one; choose a phone case that is shock-proof as well as water-proof.  So that in case something happens to your phone, you don’t have to worry about the physical and internal damage. 
4. Plan Ahead.  For people who are always on the go, a very helpful app to help you through is TripAdvisor.  This app is your friend when it comes to planning a trip, booking a hotel, setting time zones, as well as giving you a heads up of the places that you plan to visit by showing you photos and maps of that place.

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