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Monday, July 2, 2018

10 Tips Every Netflix User Should know

The service Netflix has been launched worldwide and many of us have probably signed up for it. As for many new products, we need details for its operation and services, this article is about informing you Tips Every Netflix User Should Know.

Following are the points and Tips Every Netflix User Should know which are
  1. So here it is tip 1, if you have a family you should create an account for each member such that this will give each member access to it and they can enjoy it anywhere plus if you have kids you must install pin for the main account such that they should not be given access to restricted and unwanted materials online. Such that Netflix has no censorship so you need take the precaution of what your child is watching.
  2. Netflix has been already supporting many devices and also come preinstalled in Blu-rays, game  console etc while you need to install it in your phone and iPad such that it depends on you in how many devices you want to use Netflix and for how many members. These basically depend upon the subscription you have been taken such as If you choose the Rs 500 or 8-10$ standard package, you can only watch Netflix content on one device at a time(you can reinstall in other device but can’t do simultaneously on both). While with  Rs 650 HD package you can enjoy the service on two devices simultaneously and while Rs 800 HD + 4k package 4 devices can run the Netflix at the same time.
  3. If you want to use Netflix in mobile or tablet even in the iPad then you can enjoy the benefit of saving lots of data in streaming the content, to do so open and log in the Netflix in your mobile or desktop browser and go to your Your Account >Playback Settings > Manage video quality, and set it to the lowest streaming quality. And here you go saving lots of data.( you can’t change quality in the Netflix Android or iOS app).
  4. If you are a movie addict and want see your movies as according to their rating or whether the movie you want to watch is in top 250 IMDb’s list or not Netflix will show you directly and you can make the choice accordingly. For this, you need to install NEnhancer extension in your chrome browser( if you use chrome browser) and it will show you the movie ratings etc.( You can install this app from chrome app store)
  5. You can also add third-party app functionality in your Netflix experience by using app Flixed which lets you find out what’s in other Netflix regions playing  — since the content filter by country. And also, there is another app Leanflix which lets you set filters on the content.
  6. To extend the Netflix experience you can use various keyboard shortcuts which make it faster to change and edit the setting and control over the application which are:
F = full screen
Shift + Left Arrow = rewind, Shift + Right Arrow = fast-forward
M = mute
Up arrow = volume up
Down arrow = volume down
Enter = play/pause
Page Up = play
Page down = pause
ESC = exit full screen
7. If you have the trouble of the size and appearance of subtitles then you can change its appearance in the setting, just go to your account and select Subtitle Appearance and make larger or smaller according to your need.
8. If you don’t have any plan or idea what to watch then you can use Netflix Roulette which will do your work of selecting and enjoy.
9. Here are four data usage settings in Netflix: Low (300MB per hour), Medium (700MB per hour), HD (3GB per hour), Ultra HD/4K (7GB per hour) and Auto (system will auto adjusts for best quality).
10. And the last Netflix arranged the films in a ton of different categories which you may not see such that to find something specific you can paste this URL  http://www.netflix.com/WiAltGenre?agid=, and add code from this list to enjoy such films according to your interests.
Hence, this is the required tips for those you are new and the existing users which have a new experience and little knowledge about operating and experiencing Netflix.
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