The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a hot favorite among Android OS smartphone users, but with every new generation, it has gotten quite difficult to keep track of the new features and updates baked into the S Pen – both obvious and covert. Here are some tips on the effective use of its notation functionalities to help you decide whether the Galaxy Note 5  should be your next upgrade and also Best of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Online Shopping

 Best of Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Saw something you like in a blog shop? A typical smartphone will probably have you taking a simple screenshot and it goes into your photo gallery, which is an unsorted mess at best. that, or you might be checking for the best deal across a few sites, and bookmarking multiple pages can become a real pain since you need to click to view each deal and listing. the S Pen helps to organize your e-shopping into a more sensible experience. Simply hold the S Pen near the screen’s surface, and press the button on the stylus. A floating Air command menu appears, and the Smart Select
feature is what you’re looking for. Once you’ve highlighted your choice, tap the Share at the top of the display, and select Save to Scrapbook. this step is important because of the Scrapbook app’s inherent functionalities; the built-in Scrapbook stores a copy of your screenshot, together with the urL of the page you saved.
There’s also Screen Write in Air command, which lets you doodle on your screenshots before saving, so you can make important annotations highlight details such as circling the “free delivery” clause on the page. Within Screen Write, there’s a new Note functionality called Scroll capture, which lets you snap long screenshots of up to 22 pages vertically, making it extremely handy for sites like Amazon with multiple listings of the same product. if you only want a crop of the screenshot for better focus, there’s also the lasso drawing tool in Smart Select, which can be further refined with Auto Shape once you’re done tracing. to top it off, the S Pen’s tip is fine enough to press the ridiculously small X on pop-up ads. While it’s a convenience feature at best, it is nice to be able to shop without interruption.

Note Taking
The stylus-enabled smartphone is called the Galaxy Note 5 for a very good (and obvious) reason. One feature introduced in the Note 5 is the ability to write memos down without needing to wake up the phone. called the Screen Off Memo, it starts the moment you remove the S Pen from its dock. it can be handy if you need to jot a point down quickly without having to flip through pages of apps, especially for something transient like copying the groceries list onto the phone, or helping someone pass a message along. For notes that will be referred to within the day, there’s Action Memo. This option lets you pin notes onto your Home screen as a widget. it’s handy if you need something done after a busy day at work, with errands you can’t afford to forget to run before heading home. even with these options, the full-fledged S Note is what defines the Note 5’s note-taking experience. in a nutshell, this inbuilt app lets you write, and it also allows you to annotate or illustrate with photos taken instantly via Photo Notes, topped off with the ability to record audio as well. What you get is a suite that’s perfect for producing minutes for the meeting, or digesting an extremely important lecture. One handy bonus is how the S Pen lets you sign off PDF documents.
Simply open it and choose “write on PDF” via the Annotate on PDF feature. if your office is in the habit of excessive red tape, this feature eliminates one reason for you to double back to the office, or pull out the laptop just to append a signature to a simple document.

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