Apple’s watchOS 2 is the first major software update for the Apple Watch and this article is about apple watch os 2 features and about it also promises many improvements and refinements to the UI, as well as new features and capabilities. Here’s what’s new.

Apple Watch OS 2 Best Features

Native Apps
One of the biggest complaints leveled at the Apple Watch is that apps run slowly. the reason for this is because all the processing was being done on the iPhone, and only the app interface was running on the watch. in watchOS 2, apps
will now run more natively on the Apple Watch. Apps will still rely on your iPhone to pull up data or look stuff up, but much more of the processing will be handled by the watch, which should result in snappier apps. Speed aside, since more of the app is run natively on the watch, this also means that third-party apps will have more functionality, even if the watch is out of range from the iPhone. Previously, third-party apps could not access hardware features like the built-in mic, speaker, or heart-rate sensor; now, they can.

New Watch Faces

The dial or watch face, as Apple calls it, is the first thing you see when you lift up your wrist. And since there’s no way for users to create their own watch faces, it makes sense that Apple is sprucing things up by offering new watch
faces. There’s a new series of watch faces called  time-Lapse, which are actually time-lapse videos shot over 24 hours. there are six locations to choose from: New York, Hong Kong, London, Shanghai, Paris, and Mack Lake. the scenery
changes to reflect the time of the day and they are quite stunning to look at. they even animate slightly, too. if you look closely at the New York watch face, you’ll see moving traffic. users will also be able to use their own photos as watch faces, and can specify between a single photo and photo album. if you chose the latter, your Apple Watch will pick a different photo to use as a watch face each time you lift up your wrist to look at it. Also, if you have an iPhone 6s or 6 Plus, you can take Live Photos and use them as watch faces; whenever you lift your wrist, the Live Photo will automatically animate.

Siri on Apple Watch now has expanded capabilities. Some new things that Siri can do include starting workouts, calculating tips, looking up words in the dictionary, and reveal Glances, even if you don’t have that particular Glance activated. if you’re in a city where transit directions are supported, you can even get travel directions straight from your Apple Watch.
Previously, the Mail app on the Apple Watch was quite limited; you could only read emails and organize emails, and that was it. Now, users can reply to emails immediately from their Apple Watch. this can be done using preset messages, emojis, or you can dictate a response using Siri – all of which are a far cry compared to the limitations from before.

New Watch Complications
Complications are what Apple calls the extra bits of information that can be customized to display on the watch face. Some watch faces allow you to display more complications than others, and some cannot display any complications at all. regardless, Apple is now allowing users to customize complications with information from third-party apps.
NightStand Mode
A nifty new feature is Nightstand mode. Since the Apple Watch is designed to be charged every night, charging it and placing it on its side will now cause the watch to instantly go into this mode. in Nightstand mode, a simple tap on the
screen or a press on the Digital crown will cause  it to show the time in a convenient orientation for users.
Add More Friends
For users who are social butterflies, Apple will now allow you to add more friends to your watch. Previously, the friends list was limited to 12, but now the Apple Watch can display multiple friend screens, with each screen still showing 12 friends. You can also name each friend screen for easy identification, so you can send your sketches and heart beats to all your friends.

Activation Lock
On iPhones and iPads, the user is required to enter his or her Apple iD before the device can be reset or wiped. However, this security feature was surprisingly missing from the Apple Watch when it was launched. Fortunately, Apple is including it on watchOS 2. this means that a stolen or lost Apple Watch cannot be easily wiped or reset.

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